1. Begin by transferring your map to 14 x 17″ bristol using tracing paper and graphite.
  2. eirons-2013-03-13-3892

  3. Add at least 1 inch border around the edge of your page.
  4. Experiment with textures, values and patterns in your sketchbook to see how they look together. Use your texture squares to juxtapose different textures, values and patters.
  5. Come up with a plan for how you will lay out your textures and values to create a striking, legible design for your map. Lay out the patterns/textures you will use in very light pencil, so you have a plan to follow as you begin drawing.
  6. Fill in your patterns with ballpoint pen, creating a series of divisions between the different locations/territories/regions on your map through shifts in value, texture and pattern.
  7. photo-1

  8. For your completed design, try to fill the bulk of the map with value and texture, using the white of the page for balance and contrast, but not as a main texture or value.