2-D Design: Bauhaus to Today

  • Introductions & Course Surveys
  • Syllabus Review
  • Materials List
  • McLuhan & Fiore: The Medium is the Message (download Mp4)
  • Break
  • Class photos & Line Discussion
  • Discussion/Activity: The Frame & a few other basics
  • Homework review


  1. Purchase supplies! For class next week, bring starred* items on the materials list: Bristol Pad, 9 x 12 sketchbook, tracing paper pad, 1 illustration board, triangle, ruler, black gouache, pencil (HB), gum eraser, watercolor brushes, plastic plate or palette, water cup.
  2. Reframing/Cropping Assignment: Find an printed image (newspaper, magazine, printed from the internet etc) that you can frame or crop to create something new. You can either add a frame to provide a specific context for it, or cut it down (crop it) to change its meaning or emphasis. If you choose this option please also retain the part of the image that was cropped away. Bring your reframed or cropped image to class next week, along with any part of the image that was cut away. If your image is fragile or small it would be a good idea to mount it on a piece of sketchbook paper.