Value, Texture & the Grid

  • Repetition and Balance Assignment Review (pair analysis)
  • Intro to ink pen: cross hatching and texture patterns
  • Cross-hatching value scale and texture pattern experiments
  • Begin texture grid assignment
  • Contemporary Plotter Drawings


  1. Texture grid: In your 14 x 17″ bristol pad, create a light pencil grid of nine 2.5 x 2.5″ evenly spaced squares. Use black fine-tipped pen to fill each square with a distinct, evenly rendered texture pattern. This means that when you the grid from 3-4 feet away, the individual patterns become indistinct and begin to read as value. You should end up with a range of values among your nine texture patterns. See handout for details.
  2. Before Week 8 (April 4th): Visit MoMA (free with your CCNY ID) and see the Inventing Abstraction show. Choose one work that you are particularly drawn to, and copy it in your sketchbook, making sure to note the artist’s name, the date, and the medium. Take notes on the piece based on terms and concepts used in this class. Why is this work particularly successful for you? Do you recognize any of the elements and principles of design we’ve discussed at work in the piece? How? Email me the name of the title & artist for the piece you’ve selected, and an image taken in the gallery or outside of it if you can’t shoot inside.